seattle's keeping me in tune with just right now.

so we arrived in seattle mid monday afternoon, and immediate i jumped on my bike and headed north to eat at this little spot called the globe cafe before it closed at 3. when i walked into the restaurant, i remembered eating there in the fall of '05 with shane and will from aiden. the globe serves all day breakfast, and i had the biggest rasberry poppy seed pancake of my life, which was delicious.

i came back to the venue, dropped off my bike and started walking around the downtown shopping area.

definitely stopped in to have a venti soy no whip hot chocolate in the hometown of starbucks.

headed back up 2nd ave to pop into singles going steady, a rad punk record store. the owner recently sold the seattle store, moved and opened a shop in toronto called "hits and misses". if you're in the bloor & shaw neighbourhood soon, be sure to check it out. i picked up a minor threat tshirt at SGS which i traded with joe foster for a minor threat shirt he has that says "i've got straight edge" on the back, seeing as it suited me more than him.

i ran into kevin, who had just got back from one of the 12 711 locations that have been converted into kwik-e-mart's in light of the up-coming simpsons movie. the select converted kwik-e-marts sell tons of classic simpsons treats and collectables, such as squishee's, buzz cola, radioactive man comics and pink frosted donuts.

i decided to head over and see for myself.

the show itself was super weird, as the venue that was booked to hold the show recently closed down, the show was moved to the moore theater, which is a seated venue. definitely no circle pits this night.

after the show i headed to get pizza with puc, casey and kevin cbk, and their friend "blind hate" kyle. i got a whole pizza to myself with soy cheese, mock beef and bacon, pineapple, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatos. mmmmmm, what a goood pizza!

seattle is great, i'm a pretty big fan of this city. riding my bike here was pretty fun too, definitely a few hills, but mostly one way streets, and plenty of bike lanes. i saw a couple different fixed gear riders around, and pleasantly exchanged "the nod".

GOOD NEWS! we get home from tour on monday, and i'm moving downtown! i got a room at 3-352 queen st east with hambone, steve and jd. pretty stoked to move as soon as i get home and finally be living downtown.

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