the guess who suck, the jets were lousy anyway

catching up...

we had a day off last week between cincinnati and green bay, so we headed to chicago and spent the majority of the day in meetings at the victory office.

we spent 2 days in the greater minneapolis area, and had a day off parked right next to the mall of america. other highlights in MPLS included the vegan rustler (soy cheese, mock duck, pineapple, onion, banana peppers and bbq sauce) at pizza luce.

yesterday we arrived in winnipeg, and i started the day off meeting up with tracy from mixtape who took me to her friends salon to get a much needed haircut. (i think the moustache might go soon too)

i also spent the majority of the day with fat mat, got vegan chinese buffet at affinity (one of the 'pegs many similarities to the hammer) and bought the new fucked up 'year of the pig' 12" at a record store. also popped into a MEC to get a crank tool for when my black cranks arrive.

after the show we went to this local pub called shannon's, where this douchebag playing an acoustic guitar thought he was a stand up comedian. he never made it ten seconds into a song without stopping to say something dumb, and his songs were mostly about genitalia and sexually transmitted diseases.

fat mat and marisa.

the mixtape crew.

puc, goose and i.

in minneapolis we also did an in store, where i found all 4 boxset seasons of the OC for $20 each. the 35% disscount we were given got me these dvd's for like $13 each. since then i've spent most of my time in my bunk getting addicted to this show with party monkey. i think i watched something like 24 episodes in 3 days. party monkey thinks marissa has really cute teeth.

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