sunday was a day off to travel from austin texas to st petersburg florida. we stopped mid afternoon in pensacola florida so that our driver could have a nap. we parked up at a mall, so that people could shop and get some lunch. i found a hot topic, and remembered that i had a $75 gift card given to me by the head office when they sponsored our fall tour. i toook the opportunity to buy the following dvd's: PROPAGANDHI - live, from occupied territory: an official bootleg, SID & NANCY and CRY BABY (staring johnny depp).

the night before, i gave jon kenna a heads up about the website happy cow that provides a database of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and grocery stores throughout the world. he took it upon himself to find me vegan restaurants in pensacola, and printed me out directions. i hopped on the bike, and road 4 miles down 9th street to get lunch.

first stop was at CVS pharmacy to pick up a sweet bevi' midway through the ride.

i arrived at the end of the line cafe, which i seem to think is in the same building as a venue that we played in pensacola in august of 2003, the day after i got ridiculously sunburnt on a day off in panama city beach.

the cafe was pretty empty, aside from me, a couple who were talking to some crazy old dude, and 3 younger people who seemed to be taking down an art show. i ended up talking to the art show folk, and found out they are students from san francisco on some sort of an art tour. i told them i'd send them an email and give them some tips on restaurants, record stores, and art exhibits for their stop in toronto.

solid bunk sesh with party monkey.

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