won't go through it all again

thanks to aileen for this.


brunch buddies.

so my pal andrea decided that it would be a good idea to get together for brunch at fressen before she left for san diego or something. of course i was into this, and so was top mealer ross "the weasel" corder, as well as andrea's friend jenna. this meal got good!

afterwards i took this photo of ross in my room when he came over to borrow my camera. i like it a fair bit.

ps - andrea, stop changing your blog address so much, now i have to go catch up on your sulking. :)

eating glass.

here are some photos of eating glass, from what seems to have possibly been their last show before jason & jose decided to quit the band. tension was peaked through this set, and it was actually pretty imminent that the end was near for these guys, which actually made for a good set. i guess when a band that's supposed to sound pissed off are actually pissed off at eachother, that anger transmits and the music benefits. this show was at siesta nouveaux, opening up for the endless blockade.

blue jays game with vik & mimmi

when the toronto blue jays were actually playing well, and had a decent chance of making the playoffs, i went to a few games with vik & mimmi.

now might be a perfect time to give a shout out to my favourite sports blog; drunk jay's fans

keep 'em coming.

i'm finally getting a chance to go through all of my photos from the past few months, so hopefully updates will be plentiful.

a while back, winnipeg vegan foodist beeps graced toronto with his presence for an earth crisis show, or something. i figured we'd better just eat at fressen, twice!

for brunch we had:
- seared sweet corn fritters filled with corn, zucchini, and sweet potato mixed with spinach and fresh herbs.
- scrambled seasoned marinated tofu served with a crispy black bean tortilla.
- crispy french toast on stewed mixed seasonal fruit.

for dinner we had:
- seared cornmeal polenta suits on herbed tomato sauce and sautéed lemony garlic spinach.
- sliced shiitake and crimini mushrooms mixed with shredded spinach in cashew cream wrapped in a filo pastry puff.
- deep fried tempeh fish with a tangy tahini cucumber tartar sauce on dandelion greens
- flax and cornmeal crusted eggplant pizza tart with pesto, sundried tomato paste, olives and pineapple, grilled and served on mixed greens. (pictured above)
- steamed bundled asparagus on a warm bed of tahini creamed quinoa with miso hemp butter.
- taro dumplings (i think)


i'm also really digging this record, definitely worth the two year wait in anticipation.

and some nights it's bloodlust

finally, photos from europe (and plenty of them)

here are some favourites